CV meeting: tonight 10/26, Connective Tying with @Dubious

As always, we'll meet on Monday (10/26) from 8-10pm, in Hamilton 509. The weather's gonna be dry, in the low 50s with barely any wind.

There is nothing dubious about this class! We discuss techniques for building and maintaining connection between the participants in a rope scene. The goal is to better give and take in scenes where we stay focused and immerse ourselves in tying sensually and with affection. We then will practice a variety of exercises together for tying in a slow, mindful and connective way. These activities assume little in the way of prior experience as the emphasis is on the participants themselves.

Please bring rope if you have any, and we'd be super grateful if you could bring extra for people who don't have any! No pressure though, our presenter will have a bit more on hand.

Hope to see you there!

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