CV meeting 12/14 (last one of the semester): Stretching for Rope Bottoms with @Ian_Michaels

As always, the meeting is going to be Monday 12/14, from 8 to 10 pm, on Columbia's campus, Hamilton 509. Helps to have a map. The weather's gonna be pretty reasonable, low 60s but it will be raining.

Here's the event description:

Please bring a towel or yoga mat to lay on. The floor is carpeted but you might want something softer.

This is the last meeting of the semester and your last chance to grab free food at the amazing JJ's dining hall after the class!

This class has no prerequisites!

Learn the different techniques to increase your flexibility by using various stretching techniques that are safe and easy to do. These techniques will help you to increase your range of motion while strengthening your core muscles. This workshop will provide information on ballistic stretching vs. static stretching. It will also go into Active Isolated Stretching and PNF stretching, You will be learning from a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Presenter bio:

Ian Michaels, aka Mike, combined his love for massage therapy and BDSM with Trophy Wife's love of sensual kink and developed Fetissage. Mike has a Master's degree in Exercise Science and is a professionally trained massage therapist. Mike's professional background as a certified massage therapist and instructor provide the background needed to enable him to present engaging and educational workshops. Ian currently teaches a number of BDSM workshops under the Fetissage umbrella.

Hope to see you all there!


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