About our meetings

Hi! Welcome to CV! Everyone is welcome at our meetings, but we have a few community pillars to help maintain a safe and confidential space:

  1. Consent. Please ask before you touch people, even in a nonsexual way such as a hug. Many of our classes are interactive so it's important to get consent when you pair up for practice.
  2. Respect. Please respect people's identities (race, gender, sexual orientation etc.) and preferred gender pronouns ("she", "they", "xe" etc.). Sometimes people have kinks that you do not personally share, and that is okay—please don't disrespect people based on their kink.
  3. Privacy. Our meetings are confidential; taking photos is not allowed at any of our meetings (please stash away your phones as well). Please don't out people in public (if you see someone from CV, don't say "hey I saw you at that kink club"), as they might be put in uncomfortable or unsafe positions if their kink is known publicly.
It is up to us, together, as a community, to maintain this safe space. If you see someone being misgendered, for instance, do not be afraid to speak up about the correct pronouns. That being said, if someone made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can message me (@elfakyn on FetLife or mp3260 [ąt] columbia [døt] edu via e-mail) and I'll be there to support you.

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