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11/14: Rope 101 with nerdcorebecca (& future field trip!)

On the Tuesday the 14th, Becca is leading a hands-on rope bondage workshop. We will learn basic ties and get the opportunity to practice on one another (for those who are comfortable--participation is not mandatory). The following is a description of the event:

This is a crowd-driven 101 workshop based on the needs of the participants. Topics can include single- and double-column ties, basic arm and leg binders, ichinawa/connective rope, rope for people with zero rope skills (knotless rope), or just general discussions on ropey things. Nerdcorebecca has been tying and being tied for over 4 years and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. ________________________________________
On Wednesday the 22nd , CV is taking a field trip to TES Kink Play Stations. This educational event, which costs $10 to attend and lasts from 7:30-10pm (although you do not need to stay the whole time), is perfect for those who want to explore different aspects of kink. The following is an event description:

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