11/14: Rope 101 with nerdcorebecca (& future field trip!)

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On the Tuesday the 14th, Becca is leading a hands-on rope bondage workshop. We will learn basic ties and get the opportunity to practice on one another (for those who are comfortable--participation is not mandatory). The following is a description of the event:

This is a crowd-driven 101 workshop based on the needs of the participants. Topics can include single- and double-column ties, basic arm and leg binders, ichinawa/connective rope, rope for people with zero rope skills (knotless rope), or just general discussions on ropey things. Nerdcorebecca has been tying and being tied for over 4 years and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

On Wednesday the 22nd , CV is taking a field trip to TES Kink Play Stations. This educational event, which costs $10 to attend and lasts from 7:30-10pm (although you do not need to stay the whole time), is perfect for those who want to explore different aspects of kink. The following is an event description:

Here’s your chance to try out different ways to play! We’ll have stations set up for Hypnokink [hypnosis], Impact Play (Caning, Flogging, etc.), Violet Wands and Bondage, Bondage and more Bondage! Sharp and pointy stations will be behind screens. There will be plenty of opportunity to give or receive sensation, in a fun, laid-back environment with experienced kinksters.
We will meet outside the turnstiles of the 116th 1 train station at 6:40pm and leave at 6:50. If you are running late or get lost, the event is located at The Alchemical Lab, 2nd floor 104 West 14th Street

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