CV presents: tonight! 10/19 Navigating gender-related triggers!

Hi everyone,

We're excited for another event tonight, as always, in Hamilton 509, from 8pm to 10pm. Helps to have a map. The weather will be miserably cold, dipping into the 40s, with winds of up to 10mph. On the bright side it will be dry and mostly clear!

This meeting is going to be most useful for trans and nonbinary people but of course anyone is welcome and everyone will hopefully be able to get something from it (even people who aren't trans or nonbinary might gain a better understanding of how gender plays into a scene). This event is part of Queer Awareness Month!

We'll be talking about:

Getting rid of assumptions -- not everyone likes to have sex or do kink the same way!
Negotiating to use or avoid specific terms for body parts
Ways in which to have sex that minimize dysphoria (we'll be using slides not actual genitals for demonstration; there won't be exposed genitals)
How to handle being triggered during a scene and how to better anticipate the ways in which you or your partner can be triggered and the reactions that are likely to happen
Feeling at home in your body even outside of sex or a specific scene.
This class can be open and free-flowing conversation or more lecture style, depending on what you're comfortable with.

Naturally this class comes with a pretty huge trigger warning around dysphoria. Feel free to step out and leave at any moment and I won't be upset or offended in the least.

About me:

Arya, the president of CV, will be facilitating this class. She's an AMAB transfeminine genderqueer person who's dealt with dysphoria and gender-related sexual assault in her life, which unfortunately makes her as much of an expert on these issues as most other trans or nonbinary people (it is a sad world we live in). Most of the ideas and methods presented in here aren't new, but they have helped her tremendously and maybe they will help you, too.

Hope to see you all there!

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