CV meeting 3/28: Consent with yandy!

Come join us Tuesday March 28th at 8pm in Hamilton 507. We are starting this semester's round of presentations and meetings with consent, naturally

This interactive workshop familiarizes the audience with various theories and models of consent practice as they apply to any type of sexual, BDSM, or intimate interaction. Attendees will leave the workshop with clear and concise working models of a consent practice that is more nuanced than the traditional "no means no" or "yes means yes" frameworks, as well as concrete strategies for, and interactive practice in, applying these models to their own lives and sexual interactions.

About the Presenter:

Andy is a trans*human genderqueer event planner, attorney and activist working to provide benefits and protections to queer and polyamorous families, and educator around positive consent practices, community accountability, and family law, including at the National LGBT Bar Association Conference, the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Columbia University, New York University, Skidmore College, the Eulenspiegel Society, and other schools, conferences, and kink, polyamory, and LGBTQ groups. Andy is also a poet and writer and has been published by 24 Magazine, Sibling Rivalry Press, the Yes Means Yes blog, and Sock Drawer Press. Current areas of nerdery include: sociolinguistics in technology-mediated communication, building the perfect vegan bootblack kit, integration of radical politics with legal pedantry, learning homesteading skills for when civilization collapses, and genderfucking your world. Current residence: NYC. Origin: Unknown, likely extraterrestrial.

See you there! 

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