CV Meeting 9/21: First Meeting!

This meeting will take place today, Monday 9/21, from 8PM to 10PM, on Columbia's campus, Hamilton 411. Helps to have a map. This is a one-time location; future meetings will probably take place elsewhere.

This is our first meeting of the year! To kick things off, we'll talk a bit about CV and some of the more interesting classes that we're going to have this year, as well as give you a chance to tell us what you'd like to see!

We're also going to talk about cool kink events in the city that are worth checking out, plus some resources.

We'll clarify some of the more esoteric lingo that kinky people have, touch on some tips in negotiating a scene, and do a number of fun consent exercises that will help you more confidently say no!

This is a chance to take part in a meet and greet and, time permitting, share some cool stories!

Check out our new website (all meeting announcements will show up there as well!):

Hope to see you all there!

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